Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to Drive Traffic to your Website

For internet marketers traffic to their website is everything they require in order to have a successful business. But, with so much competition in the field, it is not very easy or rather say simple to drive targeted traffic to your website.

 I have listed three methods which if followed properly and with a bit of patience, you can drive quality targeted traffic to your website. Please make a note we are talking about targeted traffic here and not any old school traffic which make no sense and is not profitable.

1. Social Presence – The best method but not nearly the fastest is obtaining a social presence of your website, if you want your website to receive quality traffic you need to build a reputable online presence. You must have a presence on facebook, twitter and youtube at the very least. Make a complete, dedicated and spam free account named after your website on these social sites. Your goal should be get as much as possible likes, +1's and subscribers. People feel that the site is authentic if you have a good online presence and also at the same time the word of mouth is spread more easily.

2. Niche relevant forums – Visit niche relevant forums and build a presence there. Post links to your site on questions that you think may be relevant to your site. Also, to make it legit and not spammy, you must make sure that your answers have real quality information about whatever is being asked. Secondly, try to spend some time on the forums and add friends before you start posting any links. This makes your site more believable.

3. Guest Blogging - This is certainly the most under used method on the list. Try guest blogging on sites that you feel are niche relevant and are established authorities on your keywords or similar. This helps in two ways it brings you a lot of juice which increases your search engine ranking positions( serps ). Also, people who visit the authority regularly may visit your site by following the link.